Breaking News! Department of the Interior Strikes Down Warren Casino AGAIN! ›

This is a shady deal that Senator Warren’s own constituents don't want. Why is she pushing it?

Warren doubles down on backing troubled casino project (Boston Herald, 9/12/19)

Elizabeth Warren dealt out of tribe’s casino scene Mashpee Restoration Act co-sponsor is AWOL (Boston Herald, 4/5/19)

Why Is A ‘Trump-Friendly’ Lobbyist Working To Pass Warren’s Casino Bill? (RedState, 4/5/19)

Dem Leadership Plans Late-Night Vote To Get Liz Warren Casino Bill Through House (Inside Sources, 3/20/19)

Warren hit with ‘Fauxcahontas’ ads in New Hampshire (Washington Examiner, 2/13/19)

Warren’s Casino Fiasco: Half-A-Billion Dollar Boondogglen (RedState, 2/13/19)

RNC requests disciplinary action against Warren over Native American heritage claims (The Hill, 2/6/19))

Democrats SHUT DOWN Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Attempt To Court Native American Voters With Casino Bill (Daily Wire, 01/21/19)

Liz Warren, Goldman Sachs, A Malaysian Scandal (RedState, 12/26/18)

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